A Chiropractor’s Health Tips For A Longer Life

Living longer is not a mystery any more. Advancements in modern medicine, coupled with alternative modes of treatment like chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, and naturopathy have multiplied the number of years each of us can expect to live.

Surgery has also improved, and micro-surgical techniques and laser robotics of today have replaced the more barbaric cutting-and-sewing tactics we endured only a few decades ago when internal bleeding, infection, organ loss, massive scarring and loss of life were much more common.

I was born in 1952, and can expect to live into my late seventies. When I was a young boy, the average life expectancy was in the high sixties… and my Dad complied by dying at age 69. This is still a considerable improvement from life lived at the turn of the 1900’s, however, when life expectancy hovered around the low-to-mid 40’s, or the middle ages when a man of 35 was considered to be a senior citizen! Although war and accidents still kill people, improvements like sanitation, antibiotics, and greater knowledge of bodily functions and physiology have all contributed to greater longevity and happier lives.

This is all happy news, but how does it all relate to YOUR desire to live a longer and happy life? Good news based on statistics can ring hollow when YOU are the one hit with a health problem. What if – despite all your healthy eating and attempts to eat right and exercise – you develop a loss of energy, a mysterious disease, joint pain, heart palpitations, or sudden obesity or weight loss that even your doctor can’t explain?

Here’s To Your Own Good Health

Here are some health suggestions on what I have prescribed for my own patients, based on the success of my own health regimen:

Drink Plenty of Fluids.

Yeah, I know… your Grandma gave you this advice years ago… and it’s still valid. The fact is, every American is either dehydrated or severely under-hydrated. The results of this condition are: wrinkled skin, headaches, low energy, food or sweet cravings, obesity, irritability and malaise.

To avoid dehydration you need to take in two kinds of fluids. The first, of course, is water – at least 6-8 glasses a day.

The second fluid kind is what I lovingly refer to as “green drink.” This liquid will alkalize your blood and rebuild what author and health expert Dr. David Wright calls your “alkaline reserve” that is depleted by your late thirties or early forties. Loss of alkalinity, in turn, contributes to a host of diseases and infirmities that can take years or decades to develop, i.e., glandular deficiency, hair loss, diabetes, cancer, psoriasis, arthritis, joint weakness, bone loss, hearing or vision loss, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and just about any disease or infirmity that results from a lack of enzymes, minerals, and other required bodily nutrients. Sound like a lot? It is.

I used to poo-poo this whole idea of green fluids until I heard Tony Robbins on one of his nutritional CD’s challenge me to try it for 7 days. I did, and never turned back! Since that day in 2008, I’ve been carrying my green gallon container around with me everywhere I go! Any time I start to feel bad, I realize I slacked off… so I immediately start again.

“Green drink” can come in several different forms. I use a product called Perfect Food that comes in a plastic canister from health food stores or online suppliers, and can be mixed with water (1 scoop per glass) to give you a tremendous boost. If you have more time, try juicing your fruits and veggies each day to give you an even healthier boost.

There are books written on the subject of juicing, so I won’t cover it here. I urge you to do something, however, to get that “green drink” in you every day. But don’t forget to drink the water too!

Kill Those Ugly Buggers

I used to tend a backyard garden and often wondered why some tomato plants seemed to be so healthy while others attracted aphids that eventually destroyed them. I soon learned that the healthy ones were planted in organic soil and had better sunlight. They were simply fed better.

As a chiropractor, I’ve run across all sorts of people who are malnourished, and often prescribed the same fluid regimen I mentioned in the previous section. Often, however, they were so debilitated that I knew the “health aphids” had arrived and had to be dealt with first before building up their strength and internal resistance to disease.

In some cases, antibiotics were the key. But I also discovered that most cases – even when bacteria were present – presented an even deeper problem: parasites.

Suffice it to say that many doctors will not agree with this “diagnosis” since medical training rarely covers the subject of parasites, except when referring to African ringworm or some other fresh water buggers. The late Hulda Clark, however, performed extensive research in this area, and stated conclusively that, if you have pets, you have parasites… and that even those of us without pets can be suffering from parasites we picked up decades ago!

Hulda authored several books, one of which I picked up when my step father was diagnosed with cancer in 2002: The Cure For All Diseases. It’s an eye-opening read, and one that can change your life. It did mine.

In the book, Dr. Clark reveals the three essential herbs that must be taken together that essentially drive out parasites from your organs and system. She then recommends things like liver flushes, kidney flushes, and “zapping” to clean out your system of all parasites and establish normal health. Her methods have worked for decades on the slightly ill people as well as for those with terminal diseases.

Clark’s methods are not profitable for the pharmaceutical and cancer industries, however, so they have naturally been condemned by doctors and researchers. From personal experience I can tell you, however, there is no better move you can make to drastically improve your health than to follow her advice.

Know Your Glands

I didn’t go over exercise much in this article because I assume most readers are aware of the tremendous health benefits that can be derived from regular workouts. But what if you simply don’t have the energy?!

Back in 2008 I failed a doctor’s stress test. I was out of breath, out of shape, gaining weight, and depressed. I knew I had to exercise, but I didn’t have the energy to climb the steps to my bedroom, much less pump iron at the gym. I also hated going to the gym and could never get enough people together for team sports.

The first thing I did was to go to my wife’s doctor. She had gotten great results from him, and strongly suggested I go. Not expecting much, I went in and soon discovered I had a sub-clinical thyroid problem that robbed me of vitality. After a few months on some NON-synthetic thyroid, I got to the point that I again discovered the joy of exercise.

Since then I have added non-synthetic testosterone implants, chelation therapy, vitamins, minerals, and specific supplements to go along with my regular chiropractic visits. As a result, I am now able to ride over a thousand miles a year for charity on a unicycle! At age 62 I feel better than I ever did before!

Get Help

None of the recommendations I make in this article, by the way, should be undertaken without the right professional supervision. While some of the steps – notably fluids – can be done by yourself, you may need help with the other steps – especially if you are in poor health to start with!

Find doctors who you trust and who come highly recommended. Do this, and your loved ones – and your body – will thank you for it!

Cheaper Health Insurance – How to Get Cheaper Health Insurance Online

Here are some tips on purchasing health Insurance online. When you go to do the quotes online, there are some basic things that you will need to know.

When you get on there to do the quotes, you will need to put in basic information in order to get the quotes. And for some sites that do the comparisons, some of them might have you put in your phone number as well as your email. If you put in either one of them or especially both of them, be on the lookout for some emails and phone calls coming your way.

Your phone can start ringing off the hook just as fast as when you click submit! So you might want to take precautions and try not to put in for a lot of different sites that do comparisons so that your phone number and or your email gets put on a lot of lists to call.

Sometimes you might want to talk to someone about buying the insurance that your interested in, but sometimes actually talking to someone might make you want to jump in and purchase it before thinking and comparing more about the coverage.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make a list of questions that come to you while going through the comparisons and then if you talk to a rep on the phone ask them the questions and take down their number in case you choose them. Don’t jump in, keep going through and do some research before agreeing to one.

7 Top Online Health Tips – Daily Care Guidelines

Due to busy and hectic scheduled of the people they are ignoring their health problems. Moreover, people are suffering from so many diseases that are creating the hindrances in their life. Here are some of the online health tips that will definitely help you a lot in making you physically and mentally fit.

1. One should always drink more and more water as it removes the toxins from the body. Try not to drink excessively tea, coffee or cold drinks as it is not good for health.

2. A sleep of 8 hours a day is really good for heath. This helps in our body’s upgrading and also improves our immune system. One can also do some yoga or meditation in order to get relax. Complete sleep also helps us in reducing the body stress.

3. Eating junk food on a daily basis is also one of the major problems that invite the number of health diseases. We should try to eat the greenly food as it makes our body healthy.

4. Doing exercise on a regular basis also makes our body physically fit. Join a group or a gym that can help in making a habit to take out some time for your body also.

5. Breakfast is the most important meal that helps to start the metabolism of our body after a long sleep. It can be a little bit heavy but if you can’t eat heavy breakfast then go for some fruit salads.

6. One should always try to go for a regular medical checkup that helps us to determine that whether we have some health problems or not.

7. We should always try to wake up early in the morning as it makes our body healthy and wealthy fit.

These are some of the online health tips that can be really helpful for us in many ways. Merely by following all these steps, you can make yourself completely stress free and more energetic.